Our primary focus at Ontario Power Washing is to restore and maintain the properties our clients have worked so hard for.

Our promise to you is to work just as hard to deliver the best possible solution, each and every time.

We use commercial equipment and detergents to get the best result possible. Thousands of hours have also gone into making sure we use the proper solution for your home or business.


Your composite deck may not rot like a wooden deck, but algae and moss are still a constant problem. If you have ever stepped on a wet composite deck , you know how slippery they can get. Our process



Apart from homes and other residential properties, we are also available for commercial work. If you are demanding about the looks of your storefront or the image of your business building, our power washing solutions are exactly what you need. We can easily sanitize and clean anything from parking garages, stair wells, windows and decks.

*Due to the varieties of driveway and walkway services, Ontario Power Washing reserves the right to cancel a service if damage to property, equipment or the environment are a risk.

** as with all of our services a water source is required and may be used by Ontario Power Washing

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